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Founder and CEO of Legends Haul

Craig has grown up in the meat and seafood distribution business so it was only natural he launch his own distribution and manufacturing business, Legends Haul in 2018. 

After working across Canada for Sysco Foods, Craig recognized there was a strong need in the market for a distributor whose focus was on supporting our local food eco system - where and when possible. 

Since the birth of Legends the company has adapted many times (in a short period of time) to meet the changing demands of the industry. Including a period where they offered grocery delivery to homes from their fulfillment centre during Covid. The offerings being focused on supporting local restaurants, producers, and farmers. Craig was honoured during that period to be a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards and has had the pleasure of being a part of a circular food innovation team with the City of Vancouver to help fight food waste. 

Today Legends Haul resides in a 30,000 sq ft, state of the art facility in East Vancouver. There the company has meat production rooms, a cook room, a pizza production room, a dry age room, and more. Every team and product coming out of Legends Haul is focused on artisan, high quality food made with the best ingredients. 

You can find Legends Haul products in retailers large and small across British Columbia and their proteins on the menu’s of BC’s best restaurants

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