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Bob Stamnes

CEO, PS&Co / The Ethical Food Group

Bob Stamnes is the CEO of Palmer Stamnes (PS&Co.), a fiercely independent family of companies, united and dedicated to providing successful marketing solutions to businesses in Canada and around the world.  

Formed in the Spring of 2020 with partner Frank Palmer, the vision was for Palmer Stamnes (PS&Co.) to provide experienced and invaluable strategic counsel to CEO’s and Founders of corporations, helping them ‘return their brands to the boardroom.’  

As CEO, Bob oversees the operations of each of the Palmer Stamnes (PS&Co.) enterprises. They include Elevator Strategy and Design, a full-service communications agency, PS Brand Studio, PS Data and Digital, and PS DDB, Canada’s newest global boutique agency.  

The creation of PalmerStamnes (PS&Co.) is just the latest, albeit boldest illustration of the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined Bob Stamnes as one of marketing’s true mavericks.   

He started his first agency back in 1989, working out of his condo with his partner Rob Glennie and a loan from his parents.   

He paid back that loan within a year, after being awarded the Toyota Dealers of BC, a client the agency grew exponentially over 27 years. Hallmark brands followed, including the Vancouver Canucks, Ethical Funds, The World Cancer Congress, and The Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympics.   

Equally important to Bob, however, is giving back.  

Bob is a founding member of The Big Brothers Giving Society, and a former board member of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, and The Open Door Group, British Columbia’s largest job service provider for those requiring assistance. He is a partner with the Centre For Digital Media , and a finalist for Ernst and Young’’s Entrepreneur of The Year in BC. And he has made it his mission to pursue Meaning and Purpose as a beacon in his business and private life, including helping create and found the Ethical Food Group and Ethical Food Fund, supporting Good For The Planet Food Companies in BC and beyond. 


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