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Yvonne Anderson

CEO & Founder, Santevia Water Systems

Yvonne Anderson, CEO and Founder of Santevia Water Systems, has a passion for healthy families. A health crisis with her husband inspired Yvonne and family to create a niche business in water filtration. Santevia Water Systems, a Canadian family owned business, launched in January of 2008 and has grown steadily and now has sales in Canada, US, UK, and Europe.

Yvonne has an undergrad degree in kinesiology and a master’s degree in leadership. She is a wife, mom and an athlete, who enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle in Vancouver and Whistler, BC. Balancing family, fitness, a strong spiritual life and a growing, vibrant business is the key to a healthy happy life for Yvonne.

Yvonne’s passion for helping others spawned the “Santevia Gives Back” program which has grown and now gives 100 days of clean drinking water for every Santevia MINA pitcher sold. We at Santevia, believe that access to clean, healthy drinking water is a right that is sadly not available to all, but through our partnership with ACTS for Water, we are on a mission to change that. This is our promise.

About Santevia

Water Systems Santevia Water Systems, a Canadian Company, manufactures and distributes mineralized and naturally alkaline water filtration products for home and on the go, under the brand name Santevia, which means “healthy way”. All core Santevia products are built in the Santevia Canadian manufacturing facility in Delta, BC, and adhere to the Santevia brand promise to offer our clients products that are healthy, cost effective and eco-friendly. Santevia launched the first “Made in Canada” MINA Water Pitcher with an innovative home recyclable filter. Santevia is 100% Canadian owned, led by Yvonne Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Santevia Water Systems.


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Yvonne Anderson


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